▶ Value of financial advice
Value of financial advice
Written By: FS Wales
Published on: August 14, 2019

Our personal financial planning and investment advice service is founded on understanding your specific needs and circumstances. This allows us to provide recommendations suitable for you and your financial future.

Equally, under regulations from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we can only suggest investments that are in line with your views on investment risk, which we look at in more detail later in this document.

The experience is a straightforward one that starts with talking about your goals, needs and circumstances before going on to discuss how your investment will be affected by the amount of risk you take. We can use various techniques to help work out what feels right for you. This is followed up by a presentation of recommendations including a demonstration of how these are suitable for your circumstances and needs.

Our service is not limited to initial transactions. Perhaps, more importantly, it could support you through a lifetime of change, providing reassurance that, whatever happens, you will receive the guidance and help you need to stay on track with your investments.

Our advice can be invaluable if you do not have a lot of investment experience or you don’t have time to fully research the options.