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Get in touch with us now, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Deciding how best to invest your money can be daunting. With so many options and uncertainties how do you choose?


Retirement planning can take two forms: ‘accumulation‘ or ‘decumulation’. We can help plan both! Our advice may help you.

Cash Flow Planning

We use cash flow modelling to show your current financial position relative to your objectives. Often, we get asked questions such as ‘have I enough money yet?’ or ‘when can I afford to retire?’

Welcome to Financial Solutions Wales

Formed in 2005, we pride ourselves in ensuring all of our staff are trained to the highest standards.

We like to work together as a team, collaborating on projects to ensure that our clients receive advice at the highest level of expertise.

We are Chartered Financial Planners, publicly committed to a customer-first approach and values that align with a professional Code of Ethics. We’ll provide solutions relevant to your needs, maintaining our knowledge through qualifications and ongoing professional development.


Having completed over 40 years with a secure company pension to look forward to in my forthcoming retirement I was bewildered and somewhat apprehensive at the prospect of exploring alternative options available under the new Pension Freedoms introduced by the Government. The Press has been full of articles offering what seemed to me often conflicting advice. It was clear I needed to consult with an Independent highly qualified Chartered Advisor whom I could totally trust. Since meeting with Jeremy in September 2014 he has guided me through a minefield providing the highest standards of bespoke professional advice with a clear understanding of my expectations and aspirations. He has taken the pressure right off me and enabled me to find the optimum Pension solution that importantly I felt was right for me and also my family. I recommend him unreservedly.

Mr Evans

I authorised Keith to deal as necessary with a Pension Provider in connection with the residue of a SIPP which came to me by nomination on the death of the holder. He has also given useful and friendly advice in connection with other personal monies I hold. He has recently compiled an estimate of 2yrs interest owed to me from assets named in a Will which the executors have not paid to me. He is always available and rings back promptly.

Mr Jenkins

I would like to thank you and your company for the professional way in which you have handled my pension.This was completed much quicker than I expected and without any worry at my time of life.

Mr P. Davies